I wasn’t trying to hide” said the voice, and with that a tiny field mouse came into the man’s view.

“Where are you heading with that boulder on your shoulder?” The mouse laughed to himself at the rhyme.

“None of your business” said the man quite grumpily.

“Well then, may I ask why you have a boulder on your shoulder?”

“That’s none of your business either” said the man, “but I started to carry it quite a long time ago and that’s all I’m going to say. Now scram--- get lost---VAMOOSE!”

We all go through times when we question just what the point of our life is, what we are doing here and if we really make a difference. We tend to carry burdens that are better off released, and we struggle when we just need to let go. We have help along the way though, and ...(more)

The air was getting thinner and it was hard to breathe. He decided this would be a good place to stop for a rest.

He settled in and took a long sip of cool water from his flask. He had long ago abandoned whiskey for plain water. The water was the best though. It was clean and clear and cold and he could feel it creep its way from his throat almost to his toes. He lingered in the feeling a bit.

Suddenly he heard a small voice from over his shoulder and over the boulder!

“That’s one big boulder you’ve got there!” said the voice from beyond.

“Who are you and what do you want?” demanded the man. “Show yourself”.