The journey of the backpack began on the day he was born.

On the bar of each newborn’s crib it hung, and within a short amount of time each baby instinctively knew its purpose.

God created the earth by speaking it into existence saying, “LET THERE BE LIGHT’. Our words are also creative. With the words we choose, we create our attitudes that become habits and eventually, our character. With the words we choose, we either build up, or tear down ourselves and others. I challenge you to...(more)

He found out at 6 months old when he lay in his crib hungry.

 He cried and waited. Then he cried louder and waited. When his mother finally came in, he could sense she wasn’t happy.

He didn’t know she had to get up for work in an hour, and she didn’t know he could feel her insides, but he could.

All babies could.