Guided Imagination- God Will Take Care of You

Ages 3-8

Guided Visualization: Ask your child or grandchild to close their eyes and tell them you are going to take them on an adventure in their mind where their imagination lives: Say the following:


“Pretend you are in a beautiful garden sitting in the middle of a colorful field of flowers. The sun peaks out from behind the clouds and you feel the warmth of the sun on your face. You are so cozy that you decide to lie down in the flowers. When you do you feel yourself shrinking and getting smaller and smaller. When you open your eyes the flowers all around you are like a giant forest of trees as you stare up at them. You decide you want to climb one of them and you start your way up. The stem is easy to climb and you quickly make it to the top of the flower. You sit in the middle of the flower and feel how the sun helps the flower grow.


After a little bit you start to get hot and dry and you want some water. Just when you think that, the clouds come over the sun cooling you down a bit. Then a small rain cloud comes right over you and the flower you are sitting on. It sends a gentle rain on you cooling you even further. You stretch out your arms and laugh at how good the rain feels. The flower you are sitting on drinks in the water and grows even more so now you are a bit higher up than when you started.


After a bit you realize that your clothes are wet and a bit uncomfortable. Before you even ask, a gentle breeze begins to blow. You hold onto a petal as the flower sways you gently to one side giggling as you go. The breeze dries both you and the flower off and once again the sun peaks out from behind the clouds to warm you all over again. You smile up at God and say thank you for the wonderful way that He takes cares of you and all the earth. You thank the flower and slide down the stem. You lie back down and grow back to your normal size ready to open your eyes.”