Ages 5-10

​2 small wood pieces (pine is best) Several wood screws Electric screwdriver and bits Manual screwdriver
Activity: Predrill small holes for the screws in each board- maybe doing 3 in each.

Next challenge the child to see who can screw in the 3 screws into their board the quickest.  Give the child the 3 screws and manual screwdriver (you can have the screws started in the hole or let them depending on their age).  You do the same but using the electric screwdriver.

Do a ready, set , GO!

Obviously the person with the electric screwdriver will finish much faster.  At this point you can reverse it and if you feel the child is old enough to handle the electric screwdriver, you can have them do that and you use the manual screwdriver.  When you are done the activity ask which was easier- doing the screws by hand, or using the power tool?  Explain that by plugging into the POWER of electricity you could complete the task so much faster and with so much less effort. This is exactly what PRAYER does for us. It allows us to plug into God’s power, making all the parts of our life work together much easier.  When we ignore God and try to do things ourselves we often make things much more complicated and harder then they need be.  So asking God for help all day makes very good sense!!