The Link
Activity: Jesus is the link
Ages- 3-8
box of colored paper clips  Activity: using the colored paper clips see how long of a chain the child can make. As you are making the chain, or afterwards talk about what a link is and using the information below explain how Jesus was the first link in the chain to heaven.  What is a link: something that connects and binds one thing to another thing. To connect on each end the link has to let a part of itself be held onto, and use a part of itself to take hold of another. In other words it has to give AND receive. Once it does this, it is no longer an individual unit or link, but now becomes a part of something greater- a chain.  When Jesus died on the cross he became the first link in the chain home for all of us. He only asks us as Christians to become a link to one other soul, so that the whole world may be saved. This does not come without sacrifice however. We must give up a part of our freedom, the part of us we see as separate and individual, as well humble ourselves to accept help from another. Each of these tasks is not easy for the ego to do. Even so, Christ asks the question in each of his brother and sister’s hearts-  “Will you be a link in the chain that I started over 2000 years ago? Will you help to bring all of God’s children home?”