I can’t take credit for this activity, but I also am not sure where it originated. It was told by a local pastor and my friend relayed it to me. So hats off to whoever came up with this one.  It’s a great lesson especially at this time of year!  ACTIVITY: LOVE ONLY GROWS
AGES:  4-preteen (adjust discussion based on age of course)

one piece of cardboard or paper with the word LOVE in the center -10 pennies -scissors Ask the child to count the pennies or tell them how many there are. Explain that with many things in life, when you give part away you have less. Hand each of them some of your pennies and ask them to count how many you have left. You will obviously have LESS. Next tell them that the only thing that you can give away and have more of is LOVE! You can never give away too much LOVE because LOVE grows when you give it away. To demonstrate ask them to count the corners of the cardboard piece with the work love on it. There are 4. Next take a pair of scissors and cut each corner edge. Hand each of them a piece or two of the corners saying I LOVE YOU. Next have them count the corners again- now there will be 8!  Next cut each corner again and give those away. Have them count the corners again. Now there will be 16! Explain that when you give LOVE away it multiplies, unlike anything else in the world. So when we share the things we have, it may seem that we have less, but that is never the case because we have grown in LOVE