One thing we share in common with our kids and grandkids is that we all have fears.No matter how big or small we are, there is something we are afraid of. However, God gave us a spirit of courage that can help us face even our darkest fears.  This activity will help your child name their fear and come to understand that no matter how scared they are they can overcome them knowing that God is their strength.

Ages: 3-7
Story of David and Goliath- (you tube video see below)
a stick with a V branch; an elastic;
a bag of marshmallows;
several giants (you can download, enlarge and copy as many as you like);
a box of crayons or markers
poster board

First tell your child about how we all have things we are afraid of in our life. Give them an example of something you are afraid of and invite them to share something that scares them. Then tell them that God has given each of us a heart of courage and read them the story of David and Goliath below (or watch a children’s you tube version of it).
Next have them color the giants, glue them to poster board and cut them out.

Have you or the child write some of the things they are afraid of on each of the giants shields.
Cut out a small piece of poster board and fold a section back at the top. Glue this in a V shape in the back of each giant so the giant will stand up.

Go outside and have the child find a small stick with a V branch. Affix the rubber band to each side for a sling shot. (this would be a good time to emphasize that this will only be used with the marshmallows and for this activity with your supervision!)

​Next have the child stand up each of the Goliath Fears on the floor or in a space you are comfortable with. Tell the child he/she is like David facing the big giants of his/her fears/ Using the sling shots and marshmallows have the child try to hit down each giant, explaining that with God on their side they are much bigger than any of their fears!