This is a great activity in autumn if you live where the leaves turn and fall! It is a way to reinforce that each person is a unique creation of God with the perfect gifts and talents to serve God’s purpose in the world!

Ages: 3-6

Materials: leaves outside

Activity: if you have little ones that you want to keep busy, this is a great way to do it! Pick up a leave that has fallen from a tree. Ask the child to look around at all the trees and all the leaves. Then show them the one you picked up and challenge them to find one exactly like it in size and color.

As they bring each one to you, point how they are alike, but also how they are different. After a time, lay them all out and talk to them about the fact that no two leaves are alike. If they got every leaf from every tree, still no two would be alike.

Just like the leaves, no two people are exactly the same either. Each of us has different talents and gifts, just as each leaf had different colors. God made each of us special so we could love in a way that no one else can love and do something in the world that no one else can do!

If you like, you can take a few favorite leaves and press them between some wax paper, or laminate them and frame as a way to remind the child of their uniqueness.