What are you growing?

What you focus on grows. We all know this but helping children understand this concept when they are little may help them ‘grow’ a more wonderful life.  

AGES: 4-7

2 small pots
potting soil
green bean seeds.

This is an easy concept to explain using some bean seeds. Bean seeds sprout relatively quickly- they should sprout within a week.For this activity get 2 small pots and have the child fill with potting soil. Next plant a bean seed a little below the surface and water. Place one in a sunny spot and one somewhere else- maybe out of site. Over the next week, have the child water and talk to the one in the sun daily, and continue to ignore the other one.

​Once the watered sprout begins to grow you can go get the other one. You can then talk with the child about why one grew and the other one didn’t. The love and attention that was given by placing the plant in the sun and watering it, is what helped it grow, along with God’s wonderful light. Without these things, the plant could not grow.In the same way, the things that we give our attention and love to in our lives will grow, but we also need God’s light within us to grow in the right direction. We keep His light in us when we follow the commandments and what Jesus taught. So what is it that we are growing?