Keep all but the large stones and glass jar hidden from the child. Begin by explaining that life can get very busy. There is so much to do that it is often hard to think of God throughout the day. 

Using the largest stones, have the child name each large thing they do and place the stones in the jar. Things such as going to school, doing homework, going to church, playing sports, attending school activities etc can be named as the big things they do each day/week. Keep it as specific to the child as possible. Ask them if the jar looks full once the large stones are in it. They are likely to think there is space at this point. Next, take the pebbles and have them name some of the smaller things they have to do each day such as clean their room, do other chores around the house, take the dog for a walk, call a friend etc…. Pour the pebbles in to fit between the big rocks to represent these smaller things. Ask them again if they think there is any space in the jar now.  They may begin to think there isn’t much room left.
Next tell them that they still have other things that they do each day including brushing their teeth, changing their clothes, eating their meals, packing their backpacks etc etc. As you go over these things pour the sand in the jar to represent these even smaller acts. Now the jar should be full to the top. Ask them if it’s full now? They are likely to say YES.  You can express just how much they do each day and week. Explain that our life can get so busy with all these things that we forget about God except when we attend church or say our prayers at night. But God never forgets about them and wants to be part of every part their life. Ask the child if they think there is any room left in the jar for God and they most likely will say no. Next pull out the glass of water and ask the child to pour the water in the jar!! They will be surprised to see there still is room in the jar. Explain that God is the water and that He wants to be part of every single piece of our day from the big things we do down to the smallest details. God is everywhere and with us at all times. As they go through their day tell them to think of the water wrapping around each and every stone, pebble and grain of sand in the jar. Tell them that in the same way God’s love is with them all day and in everything they do, He wraps them with His love.  
Ages: 5- teenMaterials needed: 
-a glass jar
-several large stones that will fit in the jar close to the top but with some spaces between them
-many smaller pebbles that will easily fit around the larger stones
-some sand
​ -a glass of water
Making Time for GodIn our children’s busy world, other than bedtime prayers and grace at meals, it may be hard to help them stay connected to God throughout the day. This activity will help them understand that God is with them in the big things and the little things alike as they go through their day, and they can always depend on His help.