Christmas is often a time of receiving, especially for kids. But, as adults, we know that there is also joy in giving. So how can we get this concept across to kids- the amazing joy of receiving and giving.

AGES 3-7
Materials: 2- $1.00 bills or another amount you deem appropriate

There are two issues here- one is about receiving and the worthiness of receiving all the good God wants to give to us. Sometimes it is hard for us to receive and so I believe the message for children should include this also.

​One idea is to give children 2 dollar bills (the amount of money can be based on the age and responsibility level of the child). Tell them that one is a gift for them to keep, but that the other one is not for them. It is for them to give away in any way they would like to help someone else.

Once they have chosen how to give the money away, have a discussion with them about which one felt better- receiving the money or giving it away? Talk about how these two things go hand in hand. When we share what we have with others, we have more room to receive. If we hoard and keep it all for ourselves, there is no room for God to give to us. So it is important to share all we have- our talents, our time and our money, with others- after all, that’s why we have them.

You can use the example of a refrigerator full of food. If we cook the food and share eating it with others there is more room in the frig to put more food. If we refuse to take it out and share it, it will stay there, go bad and become very stinky. So God gives us gifts, money, talents and love and wants us to share these with everyone around us. By doing this we open the door to receive more of God’s wonderful gifts, and we won’t become stale and stinky like the food in the frig!!