FAITH- THE BEST FOUNDATION This activity can be easily incorporated into the walk and it’s a great way to teach about faith as the best foundation for life. ACTIVITY: Building a cairn MATERIALS: varied sizes of stones- smooth flatter ones work the best AGES: all Discussion:  as the child is building the cairn take the time to discuss that using the largest and flattest stone at the bottom for the base is what will create stability and allow them to build the structure up higher and higher. Ask them what might happen if they used a very small stone at the bottom of the stack? 

You can have them try to build two structures – one with a large flat stone on the bottom and then building up in proportion as in the picture, and one with a small stone at the bottom and building up from there. Explain that if you build your life on faith in God in all you do, it is like putting the large flat stone at the bottom of your life. Knowing that God has a good plan for your life and is in control, will allow you to build a good, strong structure of your life, accomplishing more and becoming all that God intended you to be.  When the wind blows, or the rain sets in (difficulties come into your life), you will have no difficulty getting through them and standing strong. Without faith as your foundation or base, your life will be like the cairn that is built with the small stone on the bottom. The foundation or base will be unstable and any of life’s little difficulties will be enough to make it topple over. You will never be able to become all that you could without God as your foundation.