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The angel and the alphabet

​This book highlights a child's name and birthdate as a little angel must find the letters for God's book of LIfe

Good Values, God's Love, Best Science

   Personalized books for kids from 1-101


I hope you take a moment to view some of my art work!

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This book is a great way to say thank you for all the ways your Mother has shaped your life.

The world may be changing but good values are timeless....

teach them your values....teach them God's love    

Presenting a new pathway to health using the wisdom of your hands.

Whether you are a health practitioner or someone experiencing a hand problem, this book can guide you to a deeper understanding of the amazing connection between the body and the mind.

Did you know that even the smallest hand issue can be a message and if you listen, it can bring you back into balance and move you towards perfect health?

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