A Message for Little Cherubs:

God made you and He made all your wonderful feelings. When you get a new baby brother or sister, you will feel lots of different things. Some of these will feel good, but some of them may not feel so good.  God knows that you have lots of different feelings and that sometimes your feelings can feel very BIG inside of you. When this happens, you can make a choice to do something that might not be the best thing for you, just like the boy did when he kept feeding the Papa Bear. God wants you to learn to be the BOSS of your not so good feelings... (more)

So, he put the cracker back in his pocket. The Baby Bear just wandered off as the boy heard him say, “Oh look- this is the way to my home!” and the boy smiled.

One day a boy was walking through the woods when he came upon a Baby Bear. The Baby Bear said, “I am scared. I have lost my way home.” The little boy knew how that felt because he had lost his way home too. He reached inside his pants pocket and pulled out a cracker to give to the Baby Bear when he heard a loud voice yelling, “DON’T FEED THE BEAR!”