A Message for Little Cherubs:

 God made you with all sorts of feelings. Feelings can be very powerful. Having a feeling is never a bad thing, but what you do when you have some feelings can be. Part of what God wants us to do...(more)

As he boldly marched onward toward his brother’s room he happened to look in the hall mirror and there it was hovering over his head- a tiny gray cloud. He stopped to check it out. He poked his finger in it, but he didn’t feel a thing, so he continued on his mission.

But that all changed on July 30th because on that day PJ could SEE his power. It all started when PJ asked his brother if he could build a monster truck track with him. His brother, being someone who was very particular about his adventures, advised PJ that his help was not needed on that day. Well, he actually told PJ to “GET  LOST.”  As PJ turned around to go he could feel something in the pit of his stomach. He wasn’t sure but he thought maybe that’s what ‘sad’ felt like. But then the feeling changed and he knew this feeling- it was a ‘little mad’.  Suddenly he heard a voice in his very own head saying, “I’ll show him”.