One of the baby birds was whining at his mother, “Pleeeeeezee can I go down on the ground and walk around? I want to touch the earth with my feet and find my own worms. I’m tired of being light.”  His mother just answered ‘No”.

No?  Two Ton Tommy had never heard the word before and he was very curious.

The baby bird kept whining and the mother bird kept saying ‘No’. She then explained to the baby, “I love you very much and you are too young to go down there alone. When your wings are big and strong, I will know you will be safe enough to go to the ground and fly away when you need to. Only then can you go.”

For the first time in his life Tommy wished his Mom and Dad had said ‘No’ to him. He knew that if they had, he wouldn’t be in this awful predicament.


Tommy knew he had been very lucky. If he hadn’t been caught in that tree he may have drifted off into space forever, but if his parents had said “NO” he probably would have never been in the tree to begin with!  Remember that when your parents say no to you it is because they love you and want you to stay safe and healthy.  Then when you grow up you will know how to say NO to yourself when you know something isn’t good for you.

Also remember that when you pray ...