Soon it was time to go home. As Selene’s feet hit the ground she could hear thunder in the distance. She and Matza did not like thunderstorms. The loud crashes of thunder were especially scary.

“Oh Oh”, she said to Matza, “We’d better get home fast.  As she and Matza started to run home it began to rain. They ran faster and faster! When they finally made it home, her shoes were squishy and her heart was pounding louder than the thunder.

She wondered if the rain put out her light. She wondered if being scared put out her light. It didn’t, but she was too tired to try to figure out why.


A Message for Little Cherubs:

Jesus told us that we are the ‘light of the world’. He gave us a job as Christians to share our light with all the world. We do this by sharing Jesus’ life with others, following Jesus’ example of how to love others, and using all our gifts and talents that God gave us to make the world better. When we... more