A Message for Little Cherubs:

 Do you remember a time you went apple picking? I bet you searched until you found the best and biggest apple on the tree to eat. Do you think an apple could grow without the tree? Of course not. Without the tree to feed it...(more)

That’s when Aiden glided up on his trike. He heard me humming my wonderful new song and I explained my problem to him. Just like that, he reached into his overalls and out came a pen and paper. I was delighted, but thought it rather odd that a tyke on a trike, who could neither read nor write, would have such items in his possession. But, I thanked him anyway and quickly jotted down my song. I watched as he rolled off smiling to himself.

Shortly, he came to the edge of a tree where he got off his trike and bent down to look at something. It was a tiny bird that had fallen from its nest, too young to fly. I saw Aiden scratch his head as if deep in thought. Then he reached inside his overalls and to my amazement, out came a small bucket attached to a long rope. I watched as he threw the rope over the tree branch that held the nest. Next he carefully placed the baby bird in the bucket and hoisted him up to his waiting family. Then he got on his trike and waved goodbye.