Eric had always been a dreamer, from the day he was born, and Eric’s Mom had been a worrier for as long as she could remember.

She worried about a lot of things, but mostly she worried about Eric being a dreamer. She just didn’t see what good all that daydreaming under a tree could do. In fact, she was convinced some day it would lead to trouble.

She conjured up all sorts of ideas in her head of the kind of trouble it could cause, but she never bargained for this…..


There are two things you need to know before you read this story. One is that Eric is a dreamer, and the other is that adults can be worry warts.

Most days adults worry about silly things for no good reason at all. But this day wasn’t like most days, because today Eric forgot who he was!!  To adults this seemed like a very good reason to worry.

A Message for Little Cherubs:

 You see what Eric never forgot is that we can only stay close to God and hear His voice if we spend time alone with Him in prayer. If we do that each and every day, we remember that we are...(more)