If you ever watched the movie Rudolph at Christmas, you would remember the misfit elf who wanted to be a dentist.  Oliver could understand him, because Oliver the mouse, wanted to be a writer. And, although Oliver knew the elf story had ended happily, he wasn’t so sure about his story.

I guess you could say Oliver already was a writer because that’s exactly what he did every day. While the other mice were out scurrying for food or redecorating their houses, Oliver was at his computer typing away.


He really couldn’t explain it, but he loved to write. Ideas just came to him for stories while he slept, while he ate breakfast, and even while he showered.  He loved everything about writing- the click of the computer keys, the whir of the printer and the feel of the paper with all the words he wrote dancing on it. Making a story that never existed before made him feel like he could fly. He just knew that writing was part of God’s plan for his life. 

A Message for Little Cherubs

 Each of us has a dream buried deep inside of us, like a seed waiting to bloom. And, each of our dreams is different from one another’s. God has given us those special unique dreams and wants us to use our gifts and talents...more